Export of used electric and electronic equipment

Used electric and electronic equipment is often exported abroad to be used a second or third time. Once this equipment is eventually disposed of, the countries of destination are often not able to properly process this equipment. The equipment contains poisonous substances which have health and environmental risks. European regulations have been drawn up to ensure that used equipment due for export is of good quality and that it arrives in the country of destination without damage.

The European regulations are aimed at the contracting parties/exporters of used electric and electronic equipment. They concern items such as:

  • Testing and labelling of the equipment.
  • Packaging of the equipment for transport.

Testing and labelling of equipment

Every piece of electric or electronic equipment must be tested prior to being allowed to be transported. In addition, every piece of equipment must have evidence of the test attached, and it must be labelled. This label must show the following information:

  • Name of the piece of equipment.
  • Identification number of the piece of equipment (type number and details such as a serial number).
  • Production year (if known).
  • Details such as the full name, address, telephone number and an E-mail address of the company where the test was conducted.
  • Type of test.
  • Date on which the test was conducted.
  • Results of the test.

The contracting party/exporter must also declare that the consignment does not contain waste. By using this form for every piece of equipment, you can comply with this obligation.

Packaging the equipment for transport

During transport, the equipment must be suitably protected against being loaded and unloaded and against damage. Make sure you use enough packaging and that the consignment is properly stacked.

Please refer to the flyer Exporting used electrical and electronic devices for more information.

Transporters and freight forwarders have the obligation to check whether the obligatory label is indeed present during transport, and whether the equipment is packed correctly.

Animation: How to export used equipment

See the short animation film Checklist How to export used equipment.