Maintenance Directive NL-2010-002 Continuing Airworthiness Records - Status of Repairs

This maintenance directive (MD) is published by CAA-NL, acting as Competent Authority designated by The Netherlands for continuing airworthiness.

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Maintenance – Continuing Airworthiness Records - Status of Repairs
Manufacturer(s) Miscellaneous


This MD applies to and is limited to:

(i) Repairs to aircraft structures only.

(ii) Category: Large Aircraft with a type certificate base FAR25/JAR25/CS25.

(iii) Registered aircraft in the civil aircraft register of The Netherlands.

(iv) Owners and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (refer to Annex I (part M), section A, subpart G of Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003) managing aircraft defined in sub (ii) and (iii) of this paragraph.

(v) Status list of repairs as stated in bullet 2 of M.A.305(d) in Annex I (part M), section A, subpart C of Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003.

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On 28 September 2005 EASA issued and implemented rules for aircraft continuing airworthiness record systems in M.A.305. M.A.305(d) provides a summation of what the aircraft continuing airworthiness records should contain and bullet 2 of M.A.305(d) requires the current status of modifications and repairs. AMC M.A.305(d) provides a clarification of recording this current status: “The status of current modifications and repairs means a list of embodied modifications and repairs together with the substantiating data supporting compliance with the airworthiness requirements.”

The reason for requiring a list of embodied repairs is to ensure direct access to maintenance data of approved repairs and to assess the impact of new mandatory instructions for continuing airworthiness. It assures a continuation of the corresponding instructions for continuing airworthiness (ICA-history). Furthermore it helps identifying physical inspections of repairs to get a direct link to approved maintenance data.

This MD is issued in order to provide acceptable means of compliance on which repairs at least should be recorded in the list of embodied repairs.

The reason for revision: This MD has been changed to identify that this MD is not mandatory but may be used by an operator as acceptable means of compliance.

Note: The compliance of this MD is derived from and is closely in-line with the Ageing Airplane Safety Rule (AASR) of the FAA. EASA has issued NPA 2013-07 to harmonize with the FAA rule.

Effective date

01 October 2010


The aircraft continuing airworthiness records should at least comply with the requirements as published in Appendix A of this MD.
Appendix A Required Action(s) and  Compliance Time(s)