Maintenance Directive NL-2011-002R2

This maintenance directive (MD) is published by CAA-NL,

  • acting as Competent Authority designated by The Netherlands for continuing airworthiness, according to Commission Regulation (EC ) 1321/2104 Annex I Section B, article M.B.102 and as
  •  Airworthiness Authority (ICAO Annex 8) of the State of Registry.

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Supersedes MD NL-2011-002 R1 dated 15 June 2014


Periodic functional check requirements




All Dutch registered aircraft for which the requirements applies of:

  • Part-M, and
  • Regeling nationale veiligheidsvoorschriften luchtvaartuigen.

Note: RPAS and aircraft for which the requirements of Part-ML apply are excluded.

TCDS number



This directive is issued in order to require as a minimum, specific functional checks of systems critical to safety are periodically carried out as specified in Appendix A. This directive revises and supersedes OAL 1976-01/9, in order to

  1. ensure compliance with Part-M and Part-ML of Commission Regulation 1321/2014;
  2. removal of reference to article 7(2) of Commission Regulation 1207/2011 for mandatory testing of the transponder system due to Commission Implementing Regulation 2020/587;
  3. ensure compliance with Part-M, Part-ML and Part-66;
  4. to remove the guidance of national AML categories for the performance of specific tasks and refer to the EASA privileges as defined in Commission Regulation 1321/2014.

Effective date

15 March 2022

Required Action(s) and Compliance Time(s):

If previous complied with the original MD, no further action.

Appendix A

Periodic functional check requirements
Appendix B Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material