Maintenance Directive NL-2011-002 R1

This maintenance directive (MD) is published by CAA-NL, 

  • Acting as Competent Authority designated by The Netherlands for continuing airworthiness, according to Commission Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 Annex I Section B, article M.B.102 and as
  • airworthiness Authority (ICAO Annex 8) of the State of Registry.
Type Approval Holder’s Name Miscellaneous
Supersedure Supersedes MD NL-2011-002 original issue dated 01 Jul 2013
Subject Periodic functional check requirements
Manufacturer(s) Miscellaneous
Applicability All Dutch registered aircraft, excluding RPAS.
TCDS number Miscellaneous

This directive is issued in order to require as a minimum, specific functional checks of systems critical to safety are periodically carried out as specified in Appendix A. This directive revises and supersedes OAL 1976-01/9, in order to

  1. ensure compliance with weighing requirements as agreed within ICAO Airworthiness Manual Doc 9760 (AN/967) Volume I, 4.2 of Appendix C to chapter 5;
  2. more specifically require the 406 MHz ELT to be included in the radio identification equipment check;
  3. ensure compliance with Part-M and Part-66;
  4. provide answers to frequently asked questions;
  5. complete the replacement of Onderhoudsaanwijzingen Luchtvaartmaterieel (OAL´s) by Maintenance Directives.

The reason for this revision is to amend the status from mandatory into recommended continuing airworthiness information.

Effective date 15 July 2013
Required Action(s) and Compliance Time(s):

Before 15 October 2015 (the original compliance date):

  1. Determine whether for each system as listed in table 1, the design approval holder issues instructions for continued airworthiness.
  2. If the design approval holder does not issue instructions for continued airworthiness then revise the aircraft maintenance program to incorporate for each applicable system the task and period as listed in table 1.
Appendix A Periodic functional check requirements
Appendix B Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material